Chris Brodt




Young Designer of the Year


Reason for nomination

Chris is a valued designer at Whitespace and I am delighted to nominate him for the Young Designer of the Year Award.    Chris is an integral part of our work community and is valued both as a designer and as a colleague. He is skilled in a variety of disciplines including graphic design, product design and furniture design. As well as being a thorough and thoughtful designer and all round great guy.   Chris has excellent professionalism and rapport. He is an enthusiastic team member and goes out of his way to inspire those around him. Chris has played a key role in mentoring activities. He has been a live project mentor at the Graphic Design Festival Scotland for the past two years. He has also been a mentor for multiple students at both Edinburgh College and Napier University, as well as through the Daydream Believers project.    Chris has a strong work ethic and his passion for all design is infectious. Chris is well on his way to becoming an extremely accomplished designer.    He is ambitious and I have no doubt that the combination of considered work and creative intellect will lead him to great success.

Description of work

Chris has an eclectic and crafted approach to his work with an adaptable approach to his work. Coming from a product design background he really considers the end user.   You can see more of his work here: