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Headless Horse


Website design for full-service design studio, Headless Horse

The redesign of the Headless Horse website aimed to re-affirm the studio’s proposition: to create unique experiences. Our design studio worked to create an online visual using traditional themes from language found in coding and retro computer systems to create unconventional navigation and a structure evoking mystery and secrecy. We wanted both current and prospective clients to feel inspired to explore and delve deeper. 

The website opens with an original studio composition reflecting retro computer systems; a haunting ambient echo adding to the mystery of the studio. Its aim: to play on the secrecy of the studio’s work and invite prospective users to explore further. Other sounds were created to assist with navigation and discovery while investigating Headless Horse’s body of work. The audio choices play on stimuli found similarly in the visual design: computer archives, government framework and other related esoterica. 

With the studio’s large range of work, both in medium and in collaboration, our case study page was designed to showcase a single portfolio with projects ranging from image to sculpture to text, together in sequence to allow viewers to realise the breadth of the studio. Headless Horse works to meld modern and traditional process; the new website combines our traditional work displayed to mimic still life using a modern system.

Our main portfolio page was inspired by criminal investigation walls and inherited structure and design. The site used a mind map aesthetic found in criminal investigation, alongside inspiration from archived computer systems, to reflect the studio’s desire to look back in order to look forward, and the fascination and mystery of criminal investigation. Our prospective viewer can explore as a detective would, with a moving cursor allowing the control to discover case study titles that once selected, open full-length case studies in a window-like modal.

The website is aimed to endure. The framework and 'system' were developed for minimal intervention to update and remain present. Future additions could be added into the 'wall-folio' and using this opportunity to change the photograph's composition, location and photographer, in line with the current model.

Upon launch, the new website welcomed over 80,000 unique views within the first month with positive accompanying press. The website was a runner-up for an FWA 'Site of the Day' and received an Honourable Mention from Awwwards.